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GINO MIDI Interface
FATAR Keyboards
Complete Sets


FATAR keyboards.

The FATAR keyboards are of the type TP / 6LP and already have key contacts and a diode array. Two contacts are provided for each key.


Ordercode: KLAVIER-TP/6LP


Decoder PCB for the FATAR keyborads.

To connect the FATAR keyboards and their diode matrix directly to the GINO-MIDI interface, via the GINO BUS, it requires a decoder PCB. To that end, a small print is developed witch can be mounted under the FATAR keyboard with two small screws. The diode matrix of a FATAR keyboard is divided into a Bascant and a Discant.

Ordercode: DECPR-FATAR-G Assembled and tested
This PCB is not available as a assembly kit

User manual DECPR-FATAR

Plug and Play

Through the above-mentioned decoder PCB keypads can be connected directly to the GINO BUS and it is only child's play to quickly configure your organ ..

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