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New items to mention
April 2012

Small-Midi renewed.
The Small-Midi has undergone some minor changes. The Midi output is now better buffered, so it also can control a USB adapter cable properly The power supply is also firmer. The software has remained the same. The descriptions and other data of the precursors can be found in the archive.


Maart 2012

Kit or built and tested.
There is much interest in the GINO-MIDI Interface and accessories. For many it is still an appeal to mount the print itself and soldering.
Therefore, it is now possible to present you the various circuits, assembled and tested to order.
In addition you will find a picture of a fully assembled set of Small Midi interface decoder prints for two keyboards, pedal and stop panel ......



October 2011

Matrix decoder circuit.
Now also available is a PCB for a matrix of 64 (or fewer) key contacts or stop switches containing already a decoder circuit. It is a simple circuit which can be coupled directly to the GINO-BUS and can read the keystrokes. The key contacts or stop switches are connected via a 16 pin ribbon cable and connector and the clock signals with a 10 pin ribbon cable and connector (8 is enough but there are no small IDC connectors)


April 2011

Now also printed circuit boards for the key contacts.

This item is not available anymore.

As you see I'm busy to take more PCB's in line. For the key contacts and the accompanying matrix PCB's are now available. The digital world makes it very easy to let make PCB's. The quality is excellent and it also simplifies the building of the projects described on this website.


March 2011

The BIGMIDI into two parts:
The BIGMIDI may very well function without the LCD and switch print. Only one can not set all parameters to match your needs. For the one that will not hold you because you're able to set the different variables in the software of the virtual organ, such as Hauptwerk, GrandOrgue, jOrgan, etc.  Another has it may be a need for.


Januari 2011

Now printed circuit boards available:
The GINO-MIDI project was initially presented as  a real  Do It Yourself project. This meant that one had to expose, etch and drill the print themselves.

This was for many an obstacle .Therefore I decided to make PCBs for the various circuits.They are very professional PCBs made by EUROCIRCUITS.

At the moment the website, the manuals and building descriptions will be adjusted.

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