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Foto page.

Here you can clearly see the structure of a modular MIDI Organ composed with a GINO-MIDI Interface. The GINO Bus connects all the devices through the decoder PCB's with a GINO-MIDI Interface and wiring is minimized. Everything is neat and tidy. Click on the images for a larger picture.

The individual modules and components you can onnect with eachother.

All components, now seen from below.

Again, a view from below.

The matrices of the keyboard and record switches are now connected to the BIGMIDI.

Closed console.

Open console.

Open table. You can see clearly the usefulness of the GINO BUS. Almost no wiring.

The connection of the diode matrix for the stop switches. Again, using a decoder PCB.

Again the diode matrix for the stopswitches. In this case, only 32 stop switches are used. Each matrix has 64 switch functions. Hence, not all positions on the board are used.

The console with the Small-Midi 2.

Another rear view.

The BIGMIDI connected to the console. In addition, little brother, the Small-Mid 2.

The matrix of third keyboard is already connected.

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